About The Campaign

The objectives of our campaign are two-fold:

1. to do everything we can to hasten the departure of the current leaseholder of the lido site, a property speculator who lives hundreds of miles away.

This includes constant lobbying of Brighton and Hove Council, the freeholder, in a number of areas:

  • to ensure that the leaseholder abides by the terms of his lease (which he is not), and complies with legally binding planning laws, health and safety requirements and fire regulations.
  • to make a decision on the site’s future: In essence we want the Council to start legal proceedings that will result in a surrender of the lease.

2. to develop a business plan for how the entire site could be run by a Community Interest Company - for the community and by the community.

This plan - which has been described as ‘robust’ by an independent consultant - lays out how the site could be financially self-sufficient if operation by a Community Interest Group (not-for-profit organization) which means that all the profits would go back into the building.

More than 2000 people have contributed their ideas which include heating the pool and putting an ice rink over it during winter; opening a restaurant in the rotunda part of the building which is current closed and derelict; increasing the amount of space available for community use, weddings and functions; landscaping and modernising the entire site.

The campaign has already met with various funding bodies who are very interested in getting involved with such a high-profile building.

  • Rebecca Crook, is the chairperson/spokesperson of the campaign group and has lived in Saltdean for 3 years. Rebecca has over 10 years marketing and business development experience working with start-up companies through to national brands.  Rebecca is passionate about retaining seaside heritage having grown up on the Kent coast and believes Saltdean Lido deserves to be restored to its former glory for current and future generations to enjoy.  Rebecca is involved in the business planning, fundraising, listing application and PR of the campaign.

  • Bridget Fishleigh is the secretary of the campaign and moved to Saltdean from central Brighton nearly five years ago.  She is a PR consultant specialising in the African telecoms market.  Her family (husband and two sons aged 8 and 6)  are regular visitors to the lido and community centre using the library, gym, pool and attending weekly french lessons.    Bridget is researching how other lidos around the country operate.  She recently visited a community run lido in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire where the water was like a bath as it is heated by solar and ground source heating.

  • Graeme Simpson is the Treasurer for the campaign and it is often assumed being Scottish makes him well placed to look after the finances! Having moved to Brighton 5 years ago and now having lived in Saltdean for 3, he feels strongly about getting involved in the area's number one issue and looks forward to the time it can be resolved for the benefit of all in the community. Now a full time student returning to education after having worked in the Oil and Gas Industry he can often be found in the Oval with his dogs.

  • Jules Shepherd has lived in Saltdean for 24 years. She has a lifetime in the legal and commercial world with directorships in various SMEs and a Plc. Jules utilises her business experience across the campaign and also writes our newsletters and articles.

  • Sue Tyrrell has a background in desk-top-publishing and marketing. She moved to Saltdean from London 10 years ago, where she has been raising her 3 children. Incensed when the plans for the Lido were unveiled, Sue started the 'Save Saltdean Lido' group on Facebook. She now communicates with group members and is a committee member of the campaign.

  • Deryck Chester grew up in Saltdean, still has family in Saltdean but now lives in Brighton.  Deryck works for Sussex Police and believes in the importance of a strong community with good community facilities.  Deryck assists with fundraising events and doubles as our photographer amongst many other things.

  • Nikki Fabry, is a committee member of the campaign. She has created and managed the campaign website and also, along with Jules, liaises with our fantastic team of volunteer leafleteers to ensure that Saltdean is kept informed at regular intervals. She has lived in Saltdean for 16 years and been active on Saltdean Primary PTA, St Nicks Preschool committee and the SRA and is currently a Longhill parent governor. She has longtime managed the Saltdean community website and Saltdean Primary website. Saltdean is close to her heart and and she would love to see the Lido thrive.

If you would like to see a copy of our accounts please email us here